Hackintosh Wiki

Of course you will face issues and problems, and you would want to get help. And to do so follow these steps:

  1. Read the guides above fully before starting (at least TWICE)
  2. Start your hackintosh process
  3. OOF! You got an error! Ouchi!
  4. Glare at your screen
  5. Google keywords of the issue you got
  6. Didn't find something about your issue? Google other keywords of the issue
  7. Still not? Go to the forums and use the search tool
  8. Still not? Go to the guide and check again if you did all the steps properly
  9. Still not? Make an account on InsanelyMac and/or TonyMacX86, post about your issue there (and hope for a reply and not an instaban in TMX)
  10. Still not? You may ask here now, by following this format:

* Hardware: CPU: GPU: RAM: Motherboard/Laptop model: Screen(s) Number: Screen(s) Resolution: Audio Codec: Ethernet Card: Wifi/BT Card: (if available) * What guide/tool I followed: [Links and/or names, links preferably] * What part I got an issue with: [Describe your issue **WITH** pictures attached if possible, I recommend using imgur to host them.] * What files/config I am using: [Place a screenshot of your CLOVER folder structure + screenshot of your CLOVER > kexts > Other folder + screenshot of CLOVER > drivers64UEFI (or drivers64 for Legacy users)] [Place a pastebin.com link with your config inside, **DO NOT PASTE YOUR CONFIG IN THE THREAD**] [Place your EssentialsList or Debug dump links here if possible, preferably use Google Drive or OneDrive] * Extra Info: [Add something you need to point out about your setup]

  • EssentialsList -- Recommended
  • Problem Reporting Gen

Then you can post and ask for troubleshooting here.

Good luck, and Happy Hacking!